Friday, February 19, 2010

The Sea of Abandoned Text

I'm going to go out on a limb and estimate that there are more pages of text not written on all the abandoned 'blogs on the Internet than in all the books not written by all the unpublished authors in the history of the world.

Ok, maybe not... But it sounded good.

So. In the long, long, long time since I've been back to this one, I've been a) posting on my LJ one (and not much of that in the past half year), b) reading WAY too much (the only way to read too much, by the way, is to read stuff you'd rather put down in favor of reading something else) c) working on spinning up several of my own projects that I couldn't pursue while I was on my two year long walkabout, but have no really good excuse for not dong now, and d) squirming like a pinned bug while Facebook eats every unguarded waking moment of my life.

I'm not sure how to handle cross-posting from other projects - I'll likely just post links. I'm not sure abut this one, anyway, since basically nobody even knows this one is here. Guess I'll decide when the time comes.

For now...


Daniel Ellsworth Sherwood said...

Thanks mac is that all you have to say? well how then do you explain "All men were created equal with unalienable rights" naturalism doesnt give you that. should we get rid of that document. Or just remove the word created and add Ohhhh I dont know "evolved" maybe.

Daniel Ellsworth Sherwood said...

This is in response your comment to where I was accused of Plagiarism

Thank you so much for your feedback here at the THE STRONG NAME I try to take all of your comments seriously and provide honest anwsers.You are a well written articulate young lady. I appreciate that comment. but I think you are making some fundamental mistakes in your logic,and empirically your claims are not sustainable. you are smarter than that. you have not told me who you are macdonald why? what are you so afraid of?. more over you accused me of Plagiarism, and I take that very serious, as a public figure I must be above reproach. Either you SUBSTANTIATE that claim and apologize. or I will be forced to pursue it further. you quoted the bible and accused me of stealing. more over you have not answered any of my questions. I was an atheist and it was because of this hatred, and vitriolic temper towards the sacred, and the refusal to answer questions that I left that inbreed world of atheism. people are tired of the hatred, they want to discuss the ideas not the people. Atheists have no new arguments they are simply shouting louder. love is a supreme ethic. I have hurt people, and I have been hurt by people. I have been shot, stabbed, and left for dead literally. I lived out my Atheist Philosphy. I don't do that any more. In Atheism there are no answers to the fundamental questions of life which are origin, meaning, morality, and destiny. I don't believe your looking for answers, you are looking for an excuse to justify your rebellion against God. I live by the Socratic maxim and that is "you must go where the evidence leads." If atheism had the truth I would have remained an atheist. The evidence points toward a creator. If what you believe in is so noble and so true why would you reduce yourself to such innoble methods of propagating it? calling somebody a liar, and thief is hardly a way to start off a dialogue.Again you have raised a moral issue with Plagiarism it is ironic you had to quote a holy book as your source. why dont you use the humanists manifesto, or the communist manifesto. Or perhaps use the satanic bible( DO AS THOU WILT). why are you forcing your ethics on other people.Where is the source of this moral oughtness coming from? you obviously have this idea in your head that people ought not to Plagiarize, but where did that come from? How did an amoral universe bring about moral creatures? and why am I obligated to live up to your value system? truth is a category of propositional statements, but it is not a propositional statement we want, it ultimately is a person, an unembodied, infinite, mind. He became flesh and dwelt among us. get on your knees and cry out to him.